Aging is the primary risk factor for most adult diseases and we have come to a point in our understanding of aging where it makes sense to treat it directly instead of treating its manifestations.  What can we do to forestall aging and prevent the development of age-related diseases such as cancer, atherosclerotic heart disease, arthritis, stroke and neuro-degenerative processes like Alzheimers?   Beyond the low-hanging fruit of sleep, diet, and exercise, there are potent and safe therapies that can slow the ticking of the clock and change our bodies in a way that improves our chances of living longer and better.  These are evidence based, and can be started in mid-life as an immunization against the physiological disruptions of time.

Ageproofing is an individualized process in which we support metabolic health, mitochondrial function, and cellular resilience, target senescence, inflammation and dis-regulated nutrient sensing, as well as other natural processes of aging with medications, supplements and lifestyle modifications.* These therapies are safe but need to be tailored to an individual’s life stage as well as their  genetics, their current physiology and their biomarkers.

Much as one would storm-proof an old house, we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable challenges that are to come as we age.  Our goal is not just living to old age, but also to improve our health-span–the likelihood of remaining of sound mind with enough muscle mass and coordination to continue to be productive and independent.

*But not peptides.